While Mountain Assurance was preparing to launch ‘Mountain CRM’, we decided to share this short audio interview with Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter pilot Graham Stein.

I know many of you have been waiting for ‘Mountain CRM’ and this online course is available now via the Mountain Assurance Teachable site.

Despite the additional time available due to successive lockdowns and travel restrictions Mountain CRM took a while to put together. Winter is now coming and there is no better time to train you brain for avalanche terrain.

Mountain CRM: An interview with a Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot
Graham Stein and ‘Rescue Bond One’ Image: Stein Collection

An interview with a Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot

This interview features early on in Mountain CRM, explaining the parallels in Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Human Factors in aviation and the mountains.

Graham is a keen Scottish winter climber, ski tourer and has made some impressive ascents of ice routes around the world. He was a SAR Commander at Royal Naval Air Station Gannet (Prestwick) regularly flying Rescue 177, followed by Babcock SAR (Aberdeen) flying Rescue Bond One.

Also a SAR Senior Line Training Captain he was involved in the ongoing training of Crew Resource Management during day to day operations. He is now a software developer for Sustainably, a charitable giving platform, which is used by the Chris Walker Memorial Trust along with many other charities.

Audio File: An interview with a Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot

Join James Thacker and experienced Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter pilot Graham Stein as they discuss the how CRM can be applied to the mountains. You will find the audio interview above.

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