You will find booking information here, including how to book guiding with Mountain Assurance Ltd in Scotland and Europe. Our prices are also listed here along with some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). If you don’t want to read all this information then feel free to contact us and we can explain things over the phone.

You will find some guideline prices for assured expertise, for example consultancy, and acting as a competent person to advise on safety. Please treat these as a starting point. There are no off the peg solutions here, and we will want to understand your needs and wants early in a project after which we will provide a quote.

Training courses are usually fixed in price, unless delivered at your premises.

Pricing Table



UK guiding £350 per day

Skye guiding £430 per day

Alpine guiding £450-600 per day


Consultancy & Tech Advice

Consultancy £380 per day

Tech Advice £380 per day

Other projects on application



Mountain CRM (e-learning) £24

HF Fundamentals tbc

Mountain CRM – HF for Instructors tbc


  • Guiding fees
  • Harness and crevasse rescue equipment
  • Avalanche equipment
  • Guides accommodation in Chamonix valley.
  • Guides travel within the Chamonix valley.

Not Included

  • Accommodation
  • Uplift / Telepheriques
  • Travel to start location
  • Insurance
  • Guides expenses (in the alps) including uplift, hut fees.
  • Valley accommodation outside Chamonix.
  • Travel outside of the Chamonix Valley

Booking Information: How to book

  1. Contact us to confirm availability and suitable itinerary/pricing etc.
  2. Read the Booking Information and Terms and Conditions.
  3. Fill out the E-Booking form (provided via email).
  4. Make a deposit payment via on-line bank transfer (BACS) Mountain Assurance Ltd for 50% of guiding fee or full balance if within 30 days.
  5. Arrange your own holiday insurance policy to cover all relevant hazardous activities and include search and rescue, medical expenses, repatriation and cancellation cover. Suitable policies are available from the BMC or Snowcard.

Payment Terms and Cancellation

Following receipt of your E-Booking Form you will receive an invoice with full BACS details. A deposit payment is required to reserve your mountain guiding with Mountain Assurance Ltd either by BACS or via our payment gateway. Deposits are set at 50% of the guiding fee or the full balance if within 30 days prior to commencement of your trip. Full payment is due 30 days prior to the agreed start date.

Booking Information: Coronavirus / Covid-19

We are frequently being asked about our cancellation policy with regard to Covid-19 restrictions e.g. imposed by lockdown or travel restrictions following advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Officer (FCO). If restrictions are put in place that prevent us from delivering the services agreed, a full refund will be given.