Assured Expertise

Our services include technical advice, risk assessment, audit, site specific training, accreditation and statements of competence.

Assured expertise in the outdoor activities sector and mountain safety. Assured expertise is the banner under which we assist individual leaders, instructors, guides and providers, to be the best that they can be in their own areas of operation.

With broad experience over the outdoor activities sector, Mountain Assurance Ltd is well placed to assist with technical advice for individuals or larger scale safety management systems at organisational level.

Alongside these core activities we can also advise on Human Factors (HF) in the context of mountaineering and snow sports, human performance standards and standard operating procedures.

We firmly believe that the provision of technical advice in the outdoor activities sector should be proportionate to the size and complexity of the organisation, allowing providers to concentrate on their core business.

In line with our philosophy we also believe in sharing our expertise across the outdoor activities sector. Most recently developing CASM v3.0 Human Factors Tool for use in avalanche terrain.

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